Blending Jazz and Fragrance

Parfums Jazmin Saraï is a collection of perfumes inspired by songs. 

by | Dec 18, 2017

Music Is Good For Selling More Food...

Dana El Masri brings two invisible senses together, hearing and scent, and creates a multisensory experience.   

The perfumer, based in Canada, develops perfumes inspired by musical rhythms.

El Masri’s collection, Jazmin Sarai, “embodies the union between the queen of white flowers, Jasmine, and the king of musical genres, Jazz, wafting through the inner walls of a Saraï, an oriental palace” according to her website.

By merging the power of music with the effect of scent on our subconscious, El Masri talks about synesthesia “when two sensory pathways are experienced at the same time or when one sense influences another. Both music and scent are invisible and speak to our core, now imagine their power together!”\


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