Evocan: A new way to use a promotion to build a brand

Hoflinger added a whistle to a can tab that could recreate the sound of a brand

by | Sep 29, 2017


Hoflinger, an Austrian inventor, came up with the idea to combine a timeless beverage can with a whistle.

For Hoflinger: “It’s the best promotion can ever […] It combines sound with the brand.”

He presented his prototype this past week at Drinktec. It’s a regular soda can with a whistle as a tab. The whistle can be custom fit to any sound. And could be used to convey the sound of a brand’s audio logo.

Music Is Good For Selling More Food...

According to Evocan website: “Beverage cans are the most convenient beverage container. From the marketing point of view beverage cans are like miniature advertising pillars offering plenty of shapeable advertising space to communicate unique brand experience.”

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