Four rules to help you make the most out of your trade show booth

Experiences, Young Customer ‘Experts,’ Social Media and Audio Branding Bring Pizzazz to Trade Shows” says Michal Clements, of The Marketing Strategist column in Chicago Now.

by | Dec 28, 2017

Music Is Good For Selling More Food...

If you want your booth to pull more attention during a trade show, try these tactics.

  • Embrace the power of social media.

Beyond just researching the person you’ll be meeting on Linkedin, use social media for scheduling, sharing, Facebook live events.   Says Diane Vargo, Senior Event Specialist for Vitamix says: “It’s instant marketing.

  • Let the audience hear from a member of the target audience

Michael Clements found that: “At the Gen Z conference in New York, one of the most popular presentations was hearing from a member of Gen Z on stage. Hearing this one 16-year old Gen Zer likely stuck with many of the audience members more than many of the compelling statistics did.”

  • Give your audience an experience they’ll remember

On her Vitamix Booth experience, Vargo explains: “This year we built an elevated demonstration bar and added a few café tables. When we do the demonstrations and give samples away, people are interested in what we are doing. They are not only amazed at what you can make in the Vitamix, but how easy and tasty it is. Getting people to come closer to the demonstration bar helps us engage in longer conversations and creates a learning environment for all.”

  • Improve the experience with audio branding and sound design

The power of music is often overlooked by marketers. So the use of tailored audio branding at your booth clearly differentiates your brand from its competitors. Colleen Fahey, US Managing Director, Sixième Son, says: Sixième Son recently developed the audio branding for a 4D ride experience for a new drug delivery system launched at a pharmaceutical trade show in 2017. The attraction, which included sensory cues like bounces and jolts, led the healthcare professionals on a 3D monorail ride through the lungs, showing the way the treatment worked against the disease. It wasn’t just a matter of scoring the brand music in a way to bring excitement to the storyline. The sound had to be spacious when the monorail car was experienced as going through a big, airy environment and compressed when the car zoomed through narrow tubes.



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