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What’s Wrong With Dubai’s AI-Generated Theme Song?

by | 05 23, 2018

Music Is Good For Selling More Food...

Meet the new composer AVIA (Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist) whose recent composition, “Ode to Dubai” was announced in in May 2018.  Though very young, the composer seems to have come of age in the 1700s.  There are moments when you’re listening to “Ode to Dubai” when you feel almost sure you’re hearing Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.“


It’s hard to perceive anything that calls up the spirit of Dubai (global crossroads, dynamic, modern, Arabic…) in the composition.   Why a western classical style, here?

Sixième Son’s President, Michael Boumendil observes, “What we learn here is that artificial intelligence will not help brands—though it may eventually help composers do their jobs. Artificial intelligence cannot define a strategy or take a creative risk.  Brand differentiation will come from human decisions and the courage to implement them.

Says, Adam Williams of Australian Radio Network, “It sounded soulless, like production music edited together.  If that’s the threat of AI to audio branding, I’ll still be sleeping very soundly at night!”

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