“OK, Google, turn on the burner,” Innit brings voice commands to meal prep

The Innit app connects recipes to wifi kitchen appliances, and will now work with the voice-activated Google Assistant.

by | Jan 22, 2018

Music Is Good For Selling More Food...

Innit is the first Connected Food Platform App ever developed. Its goal is to make cooking a more enjoyable experience; less complicated, stressful and time-consuming.

“With the Google Assistant, we aim to make it as simple as possible for people to get things done in a natural and conversational way,” said Mark Spates, Product Lead for Smart Home at Google.

Innit gives its users maximum control over their kitchen

Home cooks can now give voice commands to the app and wifi appliances that are partnered with Innit. An easy way to cook hands free! No more messy hands touching your phone screen. Or walking across the kitchen to turn on your oven.

Says Eugenio Minvielle, Founder and President of Innit, “We believe voice will be integral in the future for the way you eat. It not only serves a practical purpose so that your hands can focus on the food, but also introduces brand new ways for people to interact and engage with their kitchens.”


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Photo by Caroline Attwood on Unsplash


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