Sonic Branding gives B2B brands a new voice

Brand Strategist, Michal Clements, shares her talk with Colleen Fahey (US Managing Director for Sixieme Son) on the powerful use of audio branding for B2B brands.

by | Sep 14, 2017

Music Is Good For Selling More Food...


Fahey explains, “B2B clients need audio branding the most. They typically have very narrow and limited budgets, and making their marketing more effective with sound that sticks just make business sense.”

Together they identified two touchpoints that most B2B companies can benefit from: Companywide Meetings and Trade Shows.

“There’s a lost opportunity to use music to help smooth over awkward points when the audience is assembling, build interest and set the stage for key speakers, and create an upbeat atmosphere when exiting” explains Fahey.


FULL STORY: Not the Same Old B2B Playbook! Are You Overlooking a Proven Tool to Make Your Companywide Meetings and Trade Shows Powerful?

Published on September 13, 2017  in ChicagoNow


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