What is Audio Branding ?

5 Dos and Don’t that will help you to get the best audio branding strategy and understand what is audio branding.

Audio branding creates a system of music that conveys the meaning of the brand at each touchpoint. You manage it so your store, your ads and your service line don’t sound like three totally different brands. It’s also called music branding, sonic branding, sound branding and acoustic branding.

> Discover our “audio branding glossary”.

1. Don’t leave your audio strategy until the last minute.

 2. Don’t forget that impact without meaning can be distracting and counterproductive.


3. Don’t confuse music production houses with audio branding experts, even if they claim to be able to create audio logos.

4. Articulate what your brand ideally represents before addressing what the audio brand must do.

5. Investigate the audio approaches your direct and indirect competitors are using, just as you would for your visual brand– so you can stand out.

Originally posted on The Transformmagazine.net.

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